Frozen Spanish Suckling Pig (1 box)


You may think that Spanish suckling pig is a dish that requires a lot of complicated steps during preparation. But now, we are bringing this new Spanish🇪🇸 Suckling Pig product (ready to roast) which makes preparation easy!

The main feature of this product is that the suckling pig is wrapped in an oven bag and stored in an aluminum tray after opening the carton package. You just put the sealed pig and the aluminum tray in the oven and bake at 190°C for about 2.5 hours! The safety certificate of the oven bag shows that the maximum heat tolerance of the oven bag is up to 220℃. Therefore, it is safe to use, so simple and convenient! You can enjoy a famous Spanish cuisine at home.

The suckling pig is extremely crispy, juicy and very tender. A pineapple and apple preserve is included in the package for seasoning after roasting. Extremely convenient! Let’s get cooking !

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  • Origin: Spain
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